AKHI and me............

Assalamualaikum, I pray to Allah that we are all in good health and always in His blessing for He is the Most Powerful and Merciful insyaallah.

I've started to join AKHI since I'm first year student at this university. Though at first I thought that I would not stay long in this society, but alhamdulillah Allah has open my heart to keep on struggling and contributing for AKHI for the sake of the muslim ummah. My initial intention for joining AKHI was to fill my free time and of course to have fun and also knowing other people. As time goes by, I notice one thing, there is more to this club than just fun. There is more than just to know people. I started to realize that in what ever we do we must our own objective and mission. Target that we want to achieve. I began to reconcile my intention of joining this club. I started to retraced back my steps.

Than, one thing happen that really open my eyes. During the mentoring program, as you all know, each one of us were given mentee. I was given this mentee who by the way is a boy and he seems a bit quiet. I ask my self, "why he seems so quiet?" I kept pondering the question in my head during the whole day program. At the end of the day, I confronted him and ask the question. His answer was " Ive never had an older brother, so I felt shy and speechless, but I just hope that abang would not abandoned me and would always care for me and guide me to be a better person." His answer really shocked me. Starting that day on I promise my self that I will try my best to help these poor kids so that they could be a better person in the future. That was that breaking point where I started to see things from different perspective.

Besides, after so long being in AKHI, I have benefited a lot from this club. One is that I'm able to improve my public relation skills which previously was suck. Before this I'm not really good with people honestly speaking but I started to develop my PR skill gradually after joining this club. I've benefited a lot from this club and this club has be come part of my life in this campus.

Lastly, my advice to all my fellow Akhians, always remember that we are created for three reasons namely as a servent of Allah, as vicegerent of Allah and lastly as Khairul Ummah. For that we have to understand and evaluate our selves how far have we been able to fulfill our duties and resposibilites? As narrated from the Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. :
"kullukum ra'in wa kullukum masulun 'an ra'iyatih"

Let us all together strive our best for the success of the muslim ummah....insyaallah....


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