AKHI 1st Mentoring 2009

Praise to Allah the All Mighty for his blessing and bounties granted upon us all alhamdullilah. May we all be among His faithful servants insyaallah.

On the 22nd Feb 2009, AKHI Club has successfully organized AKHI 1st mentoring. Congratulation to all the committees involved for their hard efforts. May Allah reward you all for your action. Throughout the program, one can see the effort and commitment of all the mentors including the new mentors. Though this is their first time handling mentees, but they show a strong commitment and determination.

The attendance of mentees is really overwhelming. The total amount of all mentees is about 110. While the attendance of mentor is also rather surprising around 30 mentors including committees. The focus of this mentoring is to evaluate and analyse the performance of AKHI's mentees. AKHI has conducted three test namely Mathematics, English and Tilawah.
The overall observation of the test, there are several problems identified, among the obvious one is in terms of tilawah. Majority of the mentees do not know how to recite the Quran and even some are already in standard six. Realizing this matter, several action have to be taken to resolve this problem.

Nevertheless, since the mentors now realize the nature of those mentees, it is important for them to come up with a plan on how to approach his or her mentee in an effective manner.
Lastly, I would address my congratulation to all those who involve in making this program a success.

"together we serve the ummah for the benefit of the ummah".
May Allah rewards us all for this noble course of action insyaallah.


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