Who am I?

Assalamualaikum, to all my dear AKHIANZ, may you all are under the bounties and rahmah from Allah insyaallah.

AKHi is one of the mentoring base club under CENSERVE Unit IIUM, besides other club like Gemilang and Sendi Saga. Though we share the same nature of program but each of the club has its own uniqueness and specialty.

Mentoring means that one person will be mentor and one person will be mentee. In AKHI case, the members of AKHI will be mentor and the school children will be the mentee. Now, as a mentor, what do we really need to do? I'm sure many of us wondering the same question.

Being a mentor firstly one must prepare him or herself in terms of physical and mental aspect. One cannot blindly being a mentor without prior preparation. Than, one must know his or her mentee personally. How to do it? Try to ask information about the mentee family, his or her frinends and school. This will help to create bonding between mentor and mentee which is very much important in mentoring project. this is what we called personnal touch. Mentoring would not be effective without this aspect.

Once you have establish the personal bonding with your mentee, the next aspect that you need to consider is your objectives and mission with regard to your mentee. What do you want your mentee to achieve? What is your expectation towards your mentee. To answer this question, you need to construct a plan to achieve this mission. By understanding your mission, you can perform as a mentor efficiently and effectively. Planning is important if one want to success in what ever he or she is doing. As the says goes " if one fail to plan, he is planing to fail". That why planning is important.

The last aspect that you need to take into consideration is to always follow up and observe your mentee performance. It is important for you to constantly updated on your mentee progress. This is to ensure that he or she in developing and improving as the way you expected it. Thus observation is important.

Hopefully this piece of advice would benefit us all insyaallah.

together we serve the ummah for the ummah

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