The fight continues.........

Assalamualaikum, may you all are in good health and under the blessing of Allah insyaallah.

First of all, AKHI Club would like to welcome the new intakes to IIUM, the garden of knowledge and virtues. May you all will sucess in this garden of knowledge insyaallah.

Semester 3 has already started. As the semester begin, AKHI Club resume its activities. During this semester, AKHI has planned several activities for its members and participants. Among which are mentoring and camp. Hopefully all that have been planned are able to be exercise accordingly.

Though during this semester not many people available, but with strong willingness and committment from members of AKHI, insyaallah AKHI will manage to conduct all the programs accordingly.

Let us all straighten up our intentions to serve the ummah to full extence.

Together we serve the ummah


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