New semester begin, new challenges awaits....

Assalamualaikum, may all of you are in good health and blessed by Allah always.

New semester begin, news challenges awaits us all. Only those who steadfast in their work and commitment shall succeed and inherit triumph. Let us all strive our best for the success in the future insyaallah.

Alhamdullillah, AKHI managed to organized its second phase training for mentor which is AKHI Retreat Camp on the 9th to 11th July 2009. The focus of this training is to train the mentor physically and mentally as to prepare them to face any challenges in the future. The program was held at CERMAS Agro Park, Bentong Pahang. It was an exiting and trilling camping. Among the activities done there are like: visiting elephant conservation centre, deerland, night walk, obstacle course, jungle tracking and many more. The highlight activity was the session with one of the best motivational speaker Br. Hj Fadzli Yusuf. He shared a lot of knowledge which are beneficial particularly in guiding the participants to be a good mentor.

Overall, the camp was a huge success. Personally, I'm very satisfied with this camp. One can feel the excitement and fun through out the camp. Its a worth program to attend to. Lastly, on behalf of AKHI Club, I would like to express my at most gratitude to all the organizing committee members and facilitators who help in making this program a huge success. May Allah grand you all with His blessing insyaallah.


Together we serve the ummah

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