AKHI Intensive mentoring course 2009

Alhamdullillah, on the 2nd - 4th October 2009, AKHI Club had managed to organized it second training programme which is AKHI Intensive Mentoring Course. It was held at Glory Beach Resort, Port Dickson Negeri Sembilan. The main objective of this programme is to exposed to the participants on leadership aspect and its relation to mentoring. The participants is about 30 people. All of them are mentors of AKHI Club abnd some other invited participants.

The programme started with the ice-breaking session which was conducted by Br. Sofiyussalam and Br. Mohd Ikhwan. On the next day, there was a talk by Br. Mohd Rizal Hassan, who is a trainer for Take Charge Consultancy on the topic of leadership and management. Throughout the session with him, all the participants were enjoyful and benefited a lot from it. Many tips and ideas shared by him. For your information, he is also one of the IIUM graduate.

Besides him, there is also session by Br. Mohd Khairulzain on the topic of event management. Participants are exposed on how to successfully orgabized a programme and what are the procedures involved. On the third day, there is a talk by Mdm. Martinelli, Deputy Director S-Dev. She shared a lot of this pertaining on how to be a good mentor, and what are the qualities of a good mentor.

In the end, every body was satified with the programme and benefited a lot form it. Hopefully, this will motivated them to be a good mentor in guiding the mentee to be a beetter person insyaallah.


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