How to create an interesting module

As we all are aware, module is the most important element in any programme that we organized. Through module people can evaluate the overall performance of the programme. If the module is interesting, people will consider that the programme successful, but if the module is not interesting, people will consider the programme as fail. The question now is how to create an interesting module?

Here some tips on how to create an interesting module:

  1. Identify what is the concept of the programme e.g. motivation, team building or spiritual enhancement. Develop module based on that concept.
  2. Know your target audience. Identify their level, age, and environment.
  3. Know the interest of your audience. Identify what is their interest and affection. Create module base on that information. e.g. module for children must involve a lot of movement and fun.
  4. Make research and analysis. Browse through the previous module and try to improvise. It is better to improvise the previous module rather to create new one.
  5. Observe the implementation of the module and record the respond from the participants.
  6. Compile the module for future references.
Let's make an interesting module.................

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